ArkAPI Plugins

These commands can be used in the chat window.

Dino Tracker

Find lost tamed dinos by typing a command in chat.

/track DinoName – Will return the map Lat and Long of where the dino or dinos are. DinoName can be the name of a named dino or a dino type like Pteranodon or Carno or Trike.


Teleport to home or select server configured locations with a chat command.

One home per player. To set a home, you must be near 3 friendly structures and not close to any Enemy structures. Teleport cooldown is 3 hours. It will not teleport your dino so you need to soul trap it first.


/addhome  – Saves your current position.

/removehome  – Removes your home.

/home  – Teleports you your home location.

/listhomes – tells you your home name.


Adds a /suicide chat command.