Main Features

Official Food Values

We use Consumption multiplier instead of the regular to retain Kibble’s and all the other taming food values

Low Rates

AVE has only slightly increased rates to make sure we get the best vanilla experience but without the unnecessarily long taming and breeding times.

Mod Updates

The servers check for new versions every 30 minutes and (only) if it find a new version it will send a warning message and restart the server 5 minutes later.

Rock-Solid Servers

The Cluster has only premium servers with the best hardwares to make sure you have always the lowest pings possible even if you are thousands kms away

Never Wipes

Thanks to the low rates and stable mods the servers do not need any wipes, you will never have to restart as long as you stay with us

Cross Chat

We have cross server chat with Discord support. It means you can talk with all maps from anywhere, even from the Discord.